Friday, July 9, 2010


We have a guest coming today. It's her first time traveling without the parents. It's her first time staying with us. It's her first vacation.

We are extremely excited for her visit and the Wife has prepared everything for her stay. New bed sheet, a indoor tent, playing area, toys

Also, ice-cream, candy, chocolate are a must. haha....

It's a great adventure and experiences for her and for me as well. We can have a taste of what parenting is about. (kid rental...haha)

- No more sleep in on the weekend.
- Plan anything around her
- She is the first priority.
- No more free time

Parenting doesn't sound very convincing but we will see after 44 days....

Good thing is the grandparents are coming 2, so they can share the load.

Oh, here she comes....super cute....

Day 1 is done so far so good...

She talks a lot and very active...haha

43 days and counting.

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