Friday, June 4, 2010

just run - nothing else

"all I need is a pair of running shoes and i just need to run and run some more...nothing else"

This was the first thing I told The Wife as I decided my next new hobby "running" few months back.

At first, I just ran with a simple T shirt and short. Couple of weeks later, a compression short was added to my outfit. After that a hi tech running shirt.

Later on, The Friend was showing off his Nike plus on faceback. you know those annoying status update.

whoever ran 7.01 km on x/x/2010 at x:xx AM with a pace of x'xx"/km

wasting no time, i ordered one myself. (BTW get it from ebay is a lot cheaper than the local store). Of course, I required a little bit explain to The Wife and my excuse was
I have no way to tell how fast I'm running.

The Nike plus was serving me well for about 3 months then The Friend was once again showing off his new GPS watch. Saying how accuracy, how awesome...blah blah blah

As I couldn't resist the temptation and i think I kind of have approval from The Wife.

Here it is...welcome to my new gadget.

Can't wait to go out for a try. Hopefully, Sunday will be nice and with the help of the watch, my time will definitely improve. will it?

so, is my hobby really about running or shopping? Hard to tell.

For the new or future runner - read this

Tell you more after my first the meantime, shop train hard...

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